Mehboob Hamza

Founder and neither Chief nor ‘I’m the Boss’. Firm believer in enthusing others, he is an ardent follower of the young spirit, the disrupters and rule breakers. Founder of Seven Seas Computers LLC, ( in 1983, was one of the first companies to introduce PC’s in the UAE marketplace. Being an entrepreneur since age 24, he has started several companies in the UAE (Magnum Connect ( in 1994 and Far East from 1987 and South Africa 2000. He believes the future is Design Thinking, the new paradigm, a catalyst for disruption and creative energy of the millennials will bring forth solutions for the planet, work, life and recreation. His primary years after graduation in Wall Street as an analyst has taught him about risk, decision making, trading, cycles and trends. The future is always now, it’s about lateral thinking to identify, extrapolate and determine application and successful deployment. Since his departure from Seven Seas Computers LLC in November 2017, he has immersed himself in learning about cybersecurity, IoT, Big Data, AI, Virtual Reality, and Machine Learning & Blockchain.

Business Technologist

Ajaz Khan

Business technologist (yes, there is such a thing) who designs future proof IT environments. He challenges the status-quo with a wider view of possible alternatives. He is a CIO’s shadow voice and their delight. He has a keen eye on techonomic (economics of technology) and it’s meaningful and cost-effective application of disruptive technologies for business improvement. His specific experience of supporting enterprises in addressing technology challenges and embracing changes with heterogeneous technology solutions, sets him apart. Having a futuristic view of technology, he enjoys consulting and working with early adopters of technology and even motivating clients to tread the path and taking ownership of client’s anxiety and pain in the migration and deployment of future proof solutions.

Tech for Hospitality & Researcher

Sandeep Saxena

It may sound cliché to say “It’s a Matter of Perspective” , but that’s exactly what human perspectives are – sometimes witty and most of the times just funny and hilarious. Rising from ground up with more than 20 years of hands-on experience providing software solutions to the travel and hospitality industry, he believes in the Human Touch in every sphere of life. People are the driving force, how you treat people, serve them, and respect them makes all the difference in the world. He believes the future is about disruption now and Technology, like art is human imagination soaring. His recent focus is on cybersecurity and protection of privacy, secure access and data integrity.