Software Defined Storage

Performance scalability of more than 10 times for given capacity

Fault tolerance at the chassis level

<50% TCO as compared to contemporary monolithic storage systems

Non disruptive upgrade with pay as you grow model

Greater flexibility, efficiency and higher scalability

Why SDS?

Unlike massive SAN and NAS systems, software-defined storage (SDS) products allow users to upgrade the software separately from the hardware. Usage for software-defined storage differ by product type. For example, common usage case for scale-out object and file SDS includes applications that create substantial amounts of unstructured data, such as data analytics, genomics and IoT (Internet of Things).

Consolidate data sources

Connect all external disk systems, object platforms, flash resources, virtual servers, and cloud-based resources to create a unified storage volume.

Cost efficient

Since SDS is distributed and has upword scalability it allows you to independently adjust/upgrade capacity and performance, reducing the overall cost.

Unlimited scalability

Since SDS is not limited to the amount of nodes (IP addresses based devises) like in conventional storage area networks, SDS can be scalable infinitely